Some Things You Should Know!

What are the common types of flights your company operates?

We offer a variety of type of flights as per the clients interest and needs like Skydiving,VIP flights, Human Sling Operation, Pilgrimage tour, Aerial Mountain sightseeing, Rescue evacuation, projects, Aerial filming and photography, Charter, Heli-trekking, Trans-border flights, etc. Apart from the above mentioned if you have any other needs please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.

What are the different scenic Mountain Flights included in your packages?

Mountain Flights depends on the choice the clients make, we offer wide ranges or choices throughout The Great Himalayas like Mt. Everest Region, Langtang (kyanjing Gumpa) Region, Annapurna Base camp (West) etc. Each flight has its own special quality and a different perspective of looking at the mountains. You can visit (…..) for further information on these flights.

Do you operate Pilgrimage tours?

Yes, we offer quite a few of the Pilgrimage tours specially for our Hindu and Buddhist clients such as Mt. Kailash (6638m), Muktinath (3798m), Damodar Kunda (4890m), Gosaikunda (4380m), Halesi, Lumbini etc.

What is heli-trekking?

Heli trekking are for those who are short of time but still want to grasp the same experience of walking in nature and at high altitude along the stony mountain paths enjoying the divine view at a shorter time period. Our helicopter would drop you at a place on some day and then you trek to a certain point higher or lower depending on your interest and we pick you up at the final point(also depending on your time and preference) at another or the same day. For further reference on heli-trekking (…..)

What is a heli-tour?

Heli-tour is an excellent way of taking a chance to observe and feel the natural beauty of Nepal if you can not go for weeks long trekking in the Himalayas. Nepal, having high mountains and beautiful scenic countryside but is easily accessible by land transport, is known as "Helicopter Country." We offer you a variety of helicopter tours in the Himalayan range which has more than 100peaks of which 8 summits are amongst the world’s tallest. Some examples of our heli tours are Upper mustang tour, Damodar Kund and Muktinath tour, Mt Kailash heli tour, Lumbini heli tour etc. For detailed information on different tours (Heli Tours)

We read about sky diving, are you offering heli-sky diving?

Yes, we very much support and promote heli-skydiving. In fact we have previously organized and completed a few skydiving activities, with a successful drop of passengers at Kalapathhar(17192ft), Gorakshep and other places like Annapurna Base camp area. For detailed account on this event please visit (Everest Skydive)

What is an Air Ambulance Service?

Air Ambulance (as a helicopter/aeroplane) needs to have a doctor onboard with necessary equipments. An air ambulance service is a service used for medical evacuation for clients from all over the country in case of emergencies or serious health conditions. It is equipped with most of the necessary medical facilities for evacuation such as oxygen, first aid kit etc

Where is the nearest clinic/hospital for treatment after the medical evacuation?

We take patients to Norvic Hospital (www.norvichospital.com)(located at Thapathali about 4kms from the airport, one of the best and medically equipped (to the highest standards) Hospitals of Nepal. Also if you have your own choice of a Hospital you would like to be taken to, we would be more than glad to help/assist you get there.

Do you have permission to land at the hospital premises after the rescue missions?

Yes, we are permitted to land at the hospital premises if need be during rescue evacuations provided the hospital has a helipad or an open space wide and safe enough for us to land. The different hospitals that have facilities as mentioned above include Teaching Hospital (Kathmandu), Manipal Hospital (Pokhara) or any Army hospital if they give us the authority to.

How many pilots do you have in your company’s crew?

Our gallant and spirited troops consist of 5 captains and 5 co-pilots having maximum flying hours and have been flying since 1994. Visit (The Team) for crew profile.

Do you hire Non-Nepalese Pilots too?

We believe in the enthusiasm and high spiritedness of our fellow countrymen as well as skilled and enthusiastic friends from around the world. We have an additional crew of 3 Swiss pilots with their valid instructor licenses. We also work in co-ordination with Air Zermatt (www.air-zermatt.ch), Switzerland.

What are your Helicopter charter rates?

You are charged on an hourly basis at the rate of $1880 per hour on the 5 seater helicopter and $2500 per hour on the 6 seater.

What is the payment method if we book directly through your company?

All kind of payments are accepted like credit (master/visa) card, cash, traveller’s cheques, telex transfer or a guarantee letter from certain Insurance Companies. Payment should be made before flight or immediate payment by Credit card after the flight.

What are your booking and cancellation policies?

To secure your booking as an overseas client, we expect you to book at least 15 days in advance of the flight date with an initial deposit of 25%. The cancellation policy is as follows: Cancellation made 7 days before flight: 100% refund Cancellation made between 7 days-24 hours before flight: 50% refund Cancellation made between 24 hours and flight: no refund

Is there an age limit while travelling in a Helicopter?

No, there is no such age limit to travel in a helicopter unless you have been restricted from doing so by your medical doctor.

Are there weight limits on the flights?

We believe in the enthusiasm and high spiritedness of our fellow countrymen as well as skilled and enthusiastic friends from around the world. We have an additional crew of 3 Swiss pilots with their valid instructor licenses. We also work in co-ordination with Air Zermatt (www.air-zermatt.ch), Switzerland.

Do you hire Non-Nepalese Pilots too?

Yes, all flights have different payload configurations depending on the helicopter type and the altitude we are to fly. For further information on weight limitations please visit (….)

Do you charge for kids coming to fly with you as passengers?

Kindly be advised that Fishtail Air charges you at the whole helicopter charter rate regardless of the number of passengers be it one or 5. Infants are not considered as passengers.

Is it possible to take photographs while on a flight?

Absolutely! Our B2 and B3 helicopters have a small sliding window installed at the front passenger’s window whereby you could take your lens out for the magnificent views of the Himalayas. For the passengers at the back, you will have to click pictures from inside the glass window.

What are the requirements and procedures to conduct a filming flight?

We would need special permission for filming flights as per your requirements and interest. For more information on this (…..)

Are helicopter flights effected by weather conditions?

Yes, all helicopters in Nepal operate in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) condition and hence for any flight to take place we need good weather conditions with visibility as per flight operation rule requirements. For more information on weather conditions and flight (…..)

Do you operate to neighbouring countries? What is the procedure for chartering a helicopter to India or Bhutan (Thimpu)?

Yes, we do operate across the border with special permission from the Civil Aviation. For transborder flights to India and Bhutan we would require you to make the bookings as early as possible with an intial down payment which will help us make the necessary request to fly from the Civil Aviation Authorities of both countries.

How high could you possibly fly and with how many passengers?

Our fleet includes 4 choppers with 4, 5, and 6 passenger seating capacity, all configurations excluding the pilot and is subjective to both payload and altitude.

  • Bell helicopter (206B111 Jet Ranger)-an American Helicopter a 4 seater can land up to an altitude of 16000 ft.
  • AS 350B (Eurocopter) - a French Helicopter a 5 seater can land up to an altitude of 16000 ft.
  • AS 350B2 (Euro copter) - a French Helicopter,a 5 seater can land up to an altitude of 20000 ft
  • AS 350B3 (Euro copter) -a French Helicopter, a 6 seater can land up to an altitude of 23000 ft.
For aircraft profiles please visit (Aircraft Profile)

When is your peak season as a Helicopter Company?

We basically do not have anything like an off-season because apart from tourists other missions like cargo-food, hydro power and similar project accessories and other always keeps us busy. However the busy tourist season in Nepal are March, April, October and November.